Who is Zoe?   

Zoe is Vaughn and Judy’s granddaughter. She had just turned 3 and was busy taking ballet lessons, and dragging around her favorite Teddy Bear. Zoe was completely unaware of the job and impact she had in her grandparent’s life. What better way to express the love they had for her than to name their new business after Zoe. In 2008, Vaughn noticed a coffee kiosk for sale at Westminster City Hall. He realized that although becoming a coffee shop owner would be very different from the work he had done as a Westminster city employee for the past 28 years, it was a definitely a venture that Vaughn found interesting.

So with his wife, Judy, they became owners of the Westminster City Hall coffee kiosk. The only thing left to do was decided on the perfect name and Zoe’s Coffee was born!

Although their small kiosk had become a growing business for more than 3 years in the Westminster city Hall. One day the City Manager of Commerce City stopped by for a cup of coffee. Based upon a conversation with the Commerce City Manager, Vaughn and Judy felt this could be a great opportunity to continue to grow Zoe’s Coffee. So, in the Spring of 2009, Zoe’s Coffee moved to the Commerce City Civic Center and continued to be the basis of this family business, and to this day still has a Zoe’s coffee kiosk there.

The Next Chapter:

In April of 2012 Vaughn retired from the City of Westminster after 32 years. Zoe’s Coffee in Commerce City has become a popular “stopping” place for Commerce City residents and employees. Vaughn and Judy found that they enjoyed the coffee business and working together. They knew it was time to move forward with their dream of a full service coffee shop.

On July 10, 2012 that dream was realized and Zoe’s Coffee Westminster opened its doors. Then there were two…..two Zoe’s Coffee locations and now…. Two grandchildren. Clay, Zoe’s brother, was about to turn 6. Clay loves super heroes, soccer and playing with his 100’s of “Hot Wheels”. When Clay visited his grandparents they noticed that he really enjoyed cooking with his grandmother. This has inspired Judy to share her love of organic baking with Clay. Judy worked to perfect her cupcakes and soon “Clay’s Cupcakes” was born. Clay has his favorite cupcake, sour cream vanilla now called our “Signature” cupcake.

Written by Jennifer Pepper